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After 7 years of trials and extensive research in combining the various essential oil blends, we finally achieved the correct composition. VActive gel is the heart of the VBreathe mold and mosquito control system and all the ingredients are 100% organic Australian essential oils. The final part was the design of the premium hardware and the sophisticated mechatronic elements such as the particle sensors, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

As with any break through smart hardware project, there are natural risks and challenges in engineering and manufacturing. We have done our best to minimize the risks for backers. We have completed our design for manufacturing (DFM), and have three generations of prototypes.

In addition, our Australian design company, which has over 29 years of design and manufacturing, have assured us that the final products of the VBreathe project will have premium aluminum casing, hi-tech fans and medical grade hepa filters.

A team of engineers led by our PhD mechatronics expert has developed the electronics and sensor technology, along with the accompanying VBreathe app. The final product might be slightly different. Our team is experienced in the manufacturing world, and we are confident that we can meet our timelines. However, unexpected delays can occur due to manufacturing issues, component shortages or other issues. We will do our best to be as transparent as possible and to keep you informed, and will work hard to resolve any issues that may arise.

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