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Air Sanitation Air Changes versus Air Flow

A common measure of air filters is the theoretical number of air changes they can perform in an hour. With the EnviroGuard PRO™X this is far less critical because it is dispersing a sanitising agent into the outflowing air stream and so its effectiveness depends on how quickly this air is dispersed. This contrasts with a conventional air filter where the air is not cleaned until it is passed through the device.

Test Results
Evidence Based Efficacy EnviroGuard PRO™ X

EnviroGuard PRO™X actively reduces airborne contaminants and pollutants such as moulds, particulates and VOCs with improved protection against a wide spectrum of viruses, bacteria and fungi in your workplace. In certified third-party laboratory tests, EnviroGuard PRO™X has a 99.99% efficacy (average) in reduction of bacterial load in air and >99% efficacy (average) in reduction of bacterial load on surfaces

Test Results
Safety of Purox™ Gel

In accordance with safety standards set by organisations like the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and Safe Work Australia (SWA), exposure to one part per million (1.0 ppm) of hydrogen peroxide as a Time Weighted Average (TWA) over an 8-hour workday is deemed safe for continuous use. Following extensive internal and independent testing EnviroGuard PROTM X has been demonstrated to never produce levels exceeding 0.1 ppm which is less than 10% of the safe exposure limits defined by OSHA. However, at these levels, it is still very efficient at killing bacteria, viruses and moulds.

Case Study
Severe Mould Remediation using EnviroGuard PRO™ X

In a case study carried out in 2023, a 600m3 office building in Cairns, Queensland was found to have serious mould contamination and needed to be evacuated prior to remediation. EnviroGuard PRO™X units were used throughout the remediation and the results from the post-remediation verification were impressive. In a report on the activity it was stated that: “In post-remediation viable sampling, a 100% clinically clean status for both surfaces and air was achieved”.

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