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EnviroGuard Pro X

Introducing our patented dual-protection technology that delivers both in-air and on-surface sanitisation + advanced HEPA filtration

This revolutionary technology guarantees unparalleled indoor air quality and environmental safety.

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Independently tested and proven to reduce these dangers from your environment





Hay Fever


Independently tested by leading laboratories

Independently proven to significantly reduce harmful pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and moulds in the air and on surfaces. >99% efficacy (average) in reduction of E. coli, S. aureus and P. aeruginosa.

Eurofins ICAS

In a recent case study, a severely mould-contaminated office building in Queensland, was successfully remediated using EnviroGuard PRO X. The remediation process resulted in outstanding outcomes, achieving a 100% clinically clean status for both surfaces and air.

When the AerisGuard filter treatment is coated onto the filter fibres, it kills COVID-19 and controls and prevents mould and odour-causing bacteria from colonising.


Discover the power of Purox™ Gel

Our ground-breaking sanitising agent for hygienic air and surfaces.

In-air sanitisation

Our sanitising gel is a very effective anti-microbial used widely in healthcare settings. The Purox™ Gel is dispersed to sanitise the air in the room. The rapid dispersion of the gel is what makes the EnviroGuard PRO™X uniquely efficient at improving indoor air hygiene. It has a far more immediate effect on air quality than conventional filter-only air purifiers.

Sanitisation on touch surfaces

As the Purox™ Gel is dispersed, it settles on touch surfaces within the EnviroGuard PRO™X space, where it has a similar sanitising effect. Passive filtration systems cannot offer this level of protection. Only the breakthrough technology behind EnviroGuard PRO™X can combat pathogens in both indoor air and environmental surfaces for truly comprehensive protection.

PrimeProtect HEPA Filter

Industry-leading 4-layer filtration system that kills COVID-19 and removes pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, mould and allergens (0.3 μm) with up to 99.97% efficacy.

1. Coarse Particulate Pre-Filter
Captures large particulates such as pet dander.

2. Antimicrobial Filter powered by AerisGuard™
The AerisGuard™ Bioactive Filter affords additional efficacy reducing mould, bacteria and viruses on contact. It specifically prevents colonisation of harmful indoor pathogens and viruses, such as COVID-19, in the filter. Traditional filters tend to become blocked by a buildup of this material and become less effective over time.

3. Medical-grade HEPA-13 Filter
99.97% effective in reducing airborne viruses, bacteria, mould and allergens at 0.3μm.

4. Advanced Activated Carbon Filter
Removing harmful gases, unpleasant odours, fumes and VOCs including chemicals from clothing, paint or furniture.

Smart Sensors

Particle Sensor PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10
Gel Capacity Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Humidity Sensor
HEPA Filter Door Sensor
Lid Position Sensor
Filter Life Indicator

ProQuiet Fan

Whisper quiet technology with 10 fan speeds, plus boost mode, enables your device to be the quietest while maintaining an industry-leading air through rate (noise: 33dBA up to 59dBA).

Halo Light Ring

The Halo Light Ring will change colour (green-orange-red) to give you real time feedback about your air quality and device.


Real-time monitoring and control

Air quality monitoring is made easy with the EnviroGuard App giving you the ability to maintain and control numerous devices from wherever you are in the world.


Sanitisation & Purification Rate

Large Room
In a room size of 100m2, there are 2 air changes per hour, with a flow rate of 500m3/hr.

Medium Room
In a room size of 50m2, there are 4 air changes per hour, with a flow rate of 500m3/hr.

Small Room
In a room size of 25m2, there are 8 air changes per hour, with a flow rate of 500m3/hr.

Air Sanitisation Air Changes versus Air Flow

A common measure of air filters is the theoretical number of air changes they can perform in an hour. With the EnviroGuard PROTMX this is far less critical because it is dispersing a sanitising agent into the outflowing air stream and so its effectiveness depends on how quickly this air is dispersed. This contrasts with a conventional air filter where the air is not cleaned until it is passed through the device.

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Independently tested - Evidence Based Efficacy EnviroGuard PRO™X

EnviroGuard PRO™X actively reduces airborne contaminants and pollutants such as moulds, particulates and VOCs with improved protection against a wide spectrum of viruses, bacteria and fungi in your workplace. In certified third-party laboratory tests, EnviroGuard PRO™X has a 99.99% efficacy (average) in reduction of bacterial load in air and >99% efficacy (average) in reduction of bacterial load on surfaces.

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Severe Mould Remediation using EnviroGuard PRO™X

In a case study carried out in 2023, a 600m3 office building in Cairns, Queensland was found to have serious mould contamination and needed to be evacuated prior to remediation. EnviroGuard PROTM X units were used throughout the remediation and the results from the post-remediation verification were impressive. In a report on the activity it was stated that: “In post-remediation viable sampling, a 100% clinically clean status for both surfaces and air was achieved”.

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