VBreathe Tasman

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Good Design Award Winner Designed, developed and assembled in Australia



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Award-winning design & innovation

Good Design Award

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Reviews and ratings

I love my VBreathe. It’s so light and portable that I can carry it and take it with me whereever I go in the house. It’s with me in the kitchen when I’m cooking and next to my bed at night. I really feel the benefits from it and no sideeffects.

Maureen, Sydney

Besides being a super cool design, my VBreathe works a treat. I no longer wake up all clogged up in the mornings and love that it’s just so lightweight and portable I can take it with me around the house and even take it to the office.

Colin, Perth

It is such an amazing product. Easy to use – set and forget. Such great peace-of-mind in keeping my family safe. Light and beautiful scent from the gel.

Beverly, Perth

Excellent design and build quality. And easy to use. I just selected auto and then the VBreathe Tasman works quietly in the background, adjusting automatically from low, medium and high as required depending on the air quality. I know the room is clean and detoxified as the coloured light ring goes from red to orange to green. It’s great seeing the portable device lit up green in the room where my family and I spend most of our time. Love it!

Sharon, Perth

My 6-year-old daughter who suffers from Asthma was recently given the VBreathe Tasman as a gift from her grandparents. After using it for the past week in my daughter Isla’s bedroom, my husband and I are pleased to see that she is breathing well and sleeping through the night.

Neyza, Perth

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每个VBreathe Tasman包装内包含了3个VActive凝胶盒和2个HEPA过滤器。

Additional gels and filters

The smart sensors in Tasman will alert you via the app when the VActive Gel or HEPA filter needs replacing.

VActive Gel and HEPA filter pack

4x VActive Gel and 6x HEPA Filter Pack

Once you've used up the gel and filters included with your Tasman, this pack of refills is designed to keep you going for approximately 1 year, depending on your individual use. This discounted bulk pack is valued at $450 when purchased individually.


Single VActive Gel

Single VActive Gel

Each VActive Gel Cartridge can last for up to 4 months on a medium fan speed with 24-hour use.


Single HEPA Filter

Single HEPA Filter

The life of your HEPA filter depends on a number of factors including fan speed, indoor air quality and the length of time it is used.


Our VActive Gel cartridges and HEPA filters are for use in VBreathe Tasman devices only and are not compatible with any other devices.


平均而言,电池在中等风扇速度下可以持续使用多达10小时。 当设备插入电源时,电池会自动再充电。 也可用它来给您的智能设备充电。

充电端口类型: USB-C

USB-C charging port

FCC CE WiFi Bluetooth